ABA Services prides itself in providing exceptional training for both its contractors and clients. We utilize the most technologically advanced training platform available through ATS (Autism Training Solutions) and Relias Learning. ATS is designed specifically for ABA professionals and parents of children with autsim. The five-step eTraining solution combines online video interventions, interactive activities, assessments, supervision and certification to prepare parents and professionals to provide the best possible care. Relias Learning’s training library now provides expert instruction in behavior planning, differential reinforcement, positive vs. negative reinforcement and principles of behavior. The autism training videos are accessible via the Internet, which allows our client’s the flexibility of accessing the material remotely: anytime, anywhere. ATS training videos provide an alternative to traditional methods of training which are usually done in a workshop or conference and cost a substantial amount per attendee and may require hours of travel time. Parents and caregivers alike agree that learning from the ATS online program has changed the way they parent and interact with their children.


ABA Services is a leader in evidence based intervention for autism.

ABA Services continues to grow! Our team provides ABA treatment to clients ranging in age from 2 to 21 with a diagnosis on the autism spectrum in the greater Los Angeles, High Desert and Monterey-Salinas areas. Services are provided in the client's home and community. All of our leadership and supervisors hold BCBAs or BCaBAs and work closely with clients and staff to promote growth and development. Our clients receive ongoing assessments and extensive parent training. Our treatment is individualized for each client as well as data and research driven.

ABA Services was founded by 

Katie Cook, M.Ed., BCBA.

After graduating with honors from California State University, Long Beach, Katie continued her education at National University, La Jolla, and earned her Master of Education with a Specialization in Autism. She later studied under Jose Martinez-Diaz, Ph.D., BCBA-D, associate dean, professor, and head of the School of Behavior Analysis at the Florida Institute of Technology. She has dedicated her professional career to building strategies that bring families into the therapeutic environment for children with autism. Parent education and caregiver involvement are her passions and she believes these are the cornerstones of successful ABA programs.  Katie is guided by her love for ABA and has spent years building ABA Services into a wholehearted organization, characterized by complete sincerity and commitment to our families.

Exceptional Training Programs are complimentary for our clients.